Clash Royale

Clash Royale

The game was released on March 2,2016 , couple mouths reached income $1 bilione on market.Clash Royale combien with card’s,tower defense and arena multiplayer online.


Can download in IOS and Android for free,


Player in Clash Royale are ranked from trophy,Trophy can be won in arena , player who destroit more tower and if you destroit King Tower victory with count atoumatic three-crown.


They cards are represented from units, building and spells.In the game player build a deck of eight cards to used for attack and defend.When you want to play card you need to pay elixir wich earch card can costs specific amount.The game start with 5 lixir points,you need to wait 2.8 seconds to have one elixir points, when you play card, new card with automatically draw from the eight deck cards.In December 2017 in Clash Royale are 80 cards,Cards are quality :Common,Rare,Epic and they most quality Legendary.


They are capability to buy in card shop, with gem you can start tournaments, challenges ,buy chest,cards and gold


You will win chest if you win a challange battle,Chest can take a time to unlock,if it is quality .

  • Silver chest need 3 hours to unlock
  • Golden Chest need eight hours
  • Giant Magical and Epic Chest Need twelve hours
  • Super Magical and Lengendary take twenty four hours

When you have certainy cards you can upgrade with gold to greater better statistics.You need to open chest to for open chest slot [you can old four chest in one time]


You can jonin a clan from level 1 , if you are clan members you can challange 1v1 and 2vs2 battles friends with opponent’s .Friendly games can spectating live from otheres members clans,clans members can help or helped cards when they are level three.If you joing clan you can be part of weekly Clan Chest.


The Company who relesead the Clash Royale In july 2016 , released Tournament .They are normal battles.Cards are low in leveleds so if cards

  • Commons Level nine
  • Rares Level seven
  • Epic level four
  • Legenedary level one

With games you can Creat Tournaments,and if you creat a tournaments you can set password or let it open.In Tournaments can win chests.And there are two kind of Vicotry Challenges.
Objective is to win twelve times and not to los two times more .
To join Tournaments you need to pay with gems

  • Grand Challenges 100 gems
  • Classic challenge 10 gems

The winer in Classic Challenge take 2000 gold and 100 cards
The winder in Grand Challenge take 22.000 gold and 1.100 cards
The Supercell now add new features in battles wich players can win special cards.


On March 2017, in the game they add Leauges.Players who has 4000 trophies they will rank from Challenger to Ultimate Champion. When season finished, everybody of member Clash Royale will win cards, chester, gems.